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  1. In an effort to better understand loosely what developer's think of the JavaScript frameworks they use, I've created a short survey. It is by no means a scientific representation of an overall census, naturally. I hope to have a somewhat broad enough audience for this short poll. Please share your thoughts about your favorite JavaScript framework by filling out the following survey: http://bit.ly/jsfw If you are interested in the compiled results, I will be posting it at kylehayes.info/blog Thanks in advance, I look forward to your feedback! -Kyle Link to Survey: http://bit.ly/jsfw

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    I'd like to share my positive feedback on http://www.qooxdoo.org. This open source project is not only an outstanding widget library, it is also a javascript framework. It's OO layer is very very powerfull and clean. Now, having to do a GUI on the web really mean programming like in Swing !
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    The results for this have been posted: http://www.kylehayes.info/blog/index.cfm/2009/3/29/Survey-Results-JavaScript-Frameworks