News: Build and deploy OSGi as Spring bundles using Felix

  1. The power of the Spring framework has made development of OSGi applications simpler and more effective. OSGi itself also has revolutionized the way Java applications are bundled. OSGi. Learn how to build and package Java classes as OSGi bundles using the Spring DM framework in a Felix container.
  2. Awhile back on TSS I complained about OSGi bleeding into application code. I hope you can now see my point a little more clearly. -- Bill Burke JBoss, a division of Red Hat http://bill.burkecentral.com
  3. We have been doing similar types of dependency injection in OSGi to eliminate OSGi API dependencies since 2003 with the Service Binder (the precursor to Declarative Services), which continues in spirit today with iPOJO. I don't really think that because Spring DM does it, it is now new.