News: Ebean ORM v1.1.0 with a bit of Groovy & Scala support

  1. About Ebean: ============== - Uses JPA annotations @Entity @OneToMany etc - Sessionless API ... aka no merge, flush etc - Supports Automatic Query tuning based on profiling object graph use - Uses DB metadata where possible (No @JoinColumn etc required if you have foreign keys) - Open Source LGPL Groovy Support: =============== You can annotate your Groovy beans with JPA annotations (@Entity etc) as you would with java, and then just use Ebean as per normal. Scala Support: ============== Similarly you can annotate your Scala beans with JPA annotations and then just use Ebean. You do not need to use @BeanProperty (Ebean will use the scala property conventions). You can find Ebean at: http://www.avaje.org Thanks, Rob.

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    I'm using it and enjoying it.