News: YAJSW - Yet Another Java Service Wrapper - Alpha 8.0 released

  1. Features * Wrap any native executable, java process or groovy script and run it as windows service or linux daemon * Easy Platform Independent installation of services/daemons * Platform independent configuration * Wild card for classpath directories and files * Capture console output, log it, trigger scripts or restart process on output matching regular expressions * Monitor and automatically restart hanging or crashed proceses * Trigger process execution and termination at specific cycles, times or scriptable conditions * Embed the wrapper within java applications * Read from process output or write to process input * Support for RunAs / sudo * Support for System Tray Icon. Display tray messages from a groovy script, for example in case of exceptions. Monitoring Console. * Support for generation of configuration file * License: LGPL http://yajsw.sourceforge.net/

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  2. Typo?[ Go to top ]

    Hope it's not a "Wrapper Service Wrapper" as the topic says ;-)
  3. Re: Typo?[ Go to top ]

    Nicklas, oops, thanks This should read: "Yet Another Java Service Wrapper" - Ron
  4. Cloud?[ Go to top ]

    But how does this relate to cloud computing?
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    But how does this relate to cloud computing?
    It's something you do when its cloudy outside ?