News: The Google, Amazon, and Microsoft cloud computing labyrinth

  1. If you're lucky enough to have a basic understanding of cloud computing, your skills are in demand. But when it comes to actually building an application, what platform do you use? Google App Engine and Amazon EC2 are both huge names. And what if you're a Microsoft person, is Windows Azure right for you? Learn how to navigate the cloud wisely and pick the perfect cloud computing platform for your particular application requirements.
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    The article did not mention AggEngine's beta support for Java as the programming language I found this a bit harsh: 'So while Amazon EC2 and Google are geared at the guys who still hack on Python in vi' Arnaud.
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    When I last checked it seemed that Amazon EC2 supported Windows Server instances as well. I don't think anyone is hacking on Windows with 'vi'. But I agree the new Java support for the Google App Engine suddenly widens the playing field.
  4. Sometimes I certainly have to hack some python or perl scripts with VI and that certainly is very powerful... It is indeed a harsh comment