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    Hi there,
          Can anyone suggest how to develop a knowledge management system using EJB? How and where could I use EJB
    in this system.
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    I think they are different issues "Technology" and "Business Model". Now you want to create an application which using J2EE technology. The most important thing you should do is design the system with high level detail. And then design the database scheme and make sure it can fit everything u need for the application. Same as other application, you need to deisgn those things first. J2EE is just a technology which help you to build a better and more scalabe application.

    I would recommend you a book "Enterprise JavaBeans" from O'Reilly. Thats a very book ! and also you can go to http://java.sun.com/j2ee. I am sure you will find something very useful.


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    Eddie thanks for clarification. Actually I would like to know whether we can use EJB in developing a knowledge management system? Is it an Industry Standard ? I know that we can develop this application using Servlets or JSP. But can we use EJB in developing such management system. Is there any benefit in using EJB in such Application.