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    Hi guys

    I have a CMP bean that has super class from where it inherits some member variables and methods. When I am defining the DB mapping of the fields in Visual Cafe I specified the derived fields, but the compilation fails to see that it is derived and complains "field name not found".

    One alternative is to not inherit variables from super class. But my super class variables are used by many classes and I never define them in sub classes.. Else I will have to define those variables in all sub classes. Can some one tell me if I have a way out...

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    Try Compiling it outside Visual Cafe
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    What is the visibility of the fields?

    If they aren't public then it violates the EJB spec and it won't compile.

    On the other hand, if they are public then if you class is used outside your EJB server then you break OO rules.

    I suspect that is your problem in this instance.