News: IntelliJ IDEA 9M1: Advanced Support for Newest Technologies

  1. Last week JetBrains made an important announcement: the next version of IntelliJ IDEA has reached its first milestone. With features like • Java EE 6 support • Google App Engine • GWT • Android • OSGi • Tapestry • PHP • JavaScript Debugger • Background indexing on startup Milestone 1 already gives those who like to live on the edge great benefits in development productivity and enjoyment. Grab it while it's hot and check out the details. You can also visit the Maia blog.

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  2. it's perfect[ Go to top ]

    i am using it as my primary dev ide now ,and it is quite stable actually, u can even test features in some EE6 specs which is not available in the corresponding RI using maia I LOVE IDEA Joe
  3. How stable?[ Go to top ]

    It's an M1 - how about performance, certainly it's not optimized, or is it? I'd hate to start using it to find out that it's a bomber. Are there any groovy and velocity improvements?
  4. Re: How stable?[ Go to top ]

    Are there any groovy and velocity improvements?
    Are you an Xwiki developer?
  5. Working serialVersionUID plugin?[ Go to top ]

    Does anyone know of a working serialVersionUID plugin? They have been incompatible since 8... which is the reason I'm still using 7.
  6. I don't know what the serialVersionUID plugin did exactly, but there is an inspection that can generate the serialVersionUID: http://justfiveminutes.wordpress.com/2006/12/20/intellij-idea-serialversionuid-generator/