XML & Web services: How to send very large data to Client using Web Services?

  1. Hi, I am currently involve in a project dealing with Axis2 and Netbeans. I must create Java Web Service that accepts request from a client and return a very large collection of data from my database. i am able to send my data over to my client by manually converting my ResultSet into a Java String in "XML" format. But i'm afraid that there might be a problem when i have a very large ResultSet and Java String cannot hold all my data (E.g. a Blob or millions of records)in the ResultSet. Can i check is there a possible way to send my very large collection of data from database (millions of records) to my client app using Java Web Service and Apache Axis2? instead of sending over as a Java String type? Really need help on this.. i'm stuck for 3 days already..
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    you can use xsd:hexBinary