EJB programming & troubleshooting: WL 5.1 as an NT service using JDK 1.3

  1. WL 5.1 as an NT service using JDK 1.3 (2 messages)

    Anyone have an luck getting WL 5.1 to run as a NT service using JDK 1.3. The wlservice.exe programs complains that it can't find either symjitc.dll or javai.dll. Of course not, these are way old technologies which I don't think exist when using HotSpot. Any clues as to what this is all about?
  2. Hello Dear
     i cant understand ur question plz write a clear question
    i m working in wl5.1 on nt and there is no problem.
    after installation u have to change the setenv.cmd file by providing the java_home path and WL_HOME path
    then before starting wweblogic u have to run this file first. and the wlserver.exe
    take care
  3. Set your JAVA_HOME to JDK1.3, and include the parameter -Djava.compiler=NONE.


    wlconfig -JAVA_HOME c:\jdk1.3
    wlconfig -Djava.compiler=NONE

    This will sort it out....