News: GeniusWiki 1.7 released and hosting service revealed

  1. GeniusWiki kicks off the hosting service. It only takes a few minutes that the users can get a full functional GeniusWiki. The initial version is base on GeniusWiki version 1.7 with the future stable version free upgrade. Each GeniusWiki instance is hosted on a stand-alone Tomcat server to guarantee the performance. Geniuswiki is a Java-based wiki and blog software. The highlight features include: * Markup or WYSIWYG editor - they can switch seamless. * GWT based front end. The better user experience. * Include most wiki required features, such as, revisions, comments, attachments, drafts management, templates etc. * Flexible and powerful fine-grind permission control. * Full text and advance search function. * A setup wizard makes the installation very easy – only in self-install download version. * Support most J2EE severs, and 4 major database - MySQL, Oracle, DB2 and Postgresql. * Powerful admin platform with the utmost control. * Support offline editing based on Google Gears. The hosting service detail is at http://edgenius.com/hosting The download version is available at http://edgenius.com/down GeniusWiki has a free register website at http://www.geniuswiki.com

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  2. Don't get me wrong. There are many wiki's out there in the market. We would really appreciate if you post your analysis of why your product is better than some of the wiki's for example - Atlassian's confluence ? One reason is - it's open source. But is it is restricted to just MySQL ? .. Thanks,
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    "One reason is - it's open source. But is it is restricted to just MySQL ? .." This isn't open source. It is a closed source product. So Confluence is much better in that respect because when you buy licenses, you get the source code.
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    Yes, you are correct. I misinterpreted that with in the download page - http://www.edgenius.com/down We are always Open and collaborative Thanks John.