EJB programming & troubleshooting: connections not opening as DB is password protected -MS AccessDB

  1. hi

    I am working on a portal site.For this i am using MS Access database.
    For security reasons i need to protect the database by giving a password
    But the connections r not opening in the server when i password protect it.

    What can be done for the above problem.pls let me knkow

  2. how are you making the connection to the database?
  3. By default a MDB file will have to be opened as user Admin with no password.

    The first thing to do is to set an Admin password, then you have to create the valid user for reading from the database as well.

    Both of these go in the .MDA file (If memory servers, it's been a while) and your MS Access instance is associated with an MDA.

    How you associate your MDA and MDB files together for the purposes of Java I don't know, but the first thing you must do is set an Admin password.