News: Appeals Court Gives SCO Another Chance

  1. Appeals Court Gives SCO Another Chance (3 messages)

    Earlier this week an appeals court judge threw out the summary judgment against SCO over the ownership of the Unix copyright. In 2007, Judge Dale Kimball ruled in a summary judgment that Novell had clear ownership of the Unix copyright. This ruling seemingly brought to an end the question of whether or not there was copyright code in Linux. SCO had maintained that there was, although declining to specify that code, and filed suit against IBM and enterprises using Linux. Today, however, it looks like the case is headed to trial. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2009/082409-sco-unix-copyright-decision-overturned.html .
  2. What can I say, but... ... Y A W N.
  3. I can't say I disagree with you, Han. But courts are strange beasts, and it's difficult to say where this will end up, and what the impact will be.
  4. Nothing to worry. Those bastards are dead, they dont have nothing against Linux because Linux did not fault in anything is very clear. The code is Open!. SCO people, the judge everybody can see the code and they will find that there is nothing wrong or something that affect SCO with Linux. SCO people are just bitching around. They have more lawyers than programmers, figure.