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    hi, I am currently using an IFrame (in my jsp) to bring up a third party web content(ex.a payment page from www.hsbc.com). i want the external site to handle all the user actions (within the iframe). In this case I am unable to capture the errors or exception that the external website throws. Is there a way to bring up third party web content using Ajax with better error handling mechanism ? FYI : webservices not available Regards Wee

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  2. Try Spry ![ Go to top ]

    http://www.garyrgilbert.com/tutorials/spry/beginner/selectBox.cfm http://livedocs.adobe.com/en_US/Spry/SDG/help.html?content=WSA706FAB6-11AF-4241-8647-35CD8E31D254.html you will love it!