XML & Web services: Tomcat3/Axis1 - WSDL OK, but method is not supported

  1. An existing web service GetStuff exists and runs as expected, but the exact copy of it GetOtherStuff does not. GetOtherStuff appears in the generated WSDL and has been added to the method list - but the response is: SOAP-ENV:Server Method 'GetOtherStuff' is not supported. /OSMQSoap/rpcrouter This seems to indicate the WSDL is OK with regard to GetOtherStuff, but the service is still not exposed properly. Any suggestions? Googling has brought nothing - possibly because the web services are deployed on an ancient Tomcat (version 3) using Axis 1. Upgrading is unfortunately not an immediate option.

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  2. Problem solved[ Go to top ]

    The file DeployedServices.ds needed to be re-generated.