EJB programming & troubleshooting: Two things JBoss is lacking

  1. Two things JBoss is lacking (2 messages)

    1. a console that monitors the state of the app server itself (memeory usage, bean state, etc).

    2. it doesn't have any convenient tool to validate the beans based on deployment xml.

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    1. Yes, but since JBoss is open source you can create your own tools. I saw a lot of small "custom" tools that are better than a complicated monitoring tool (that wants to make everything -but just not exactly how the user wants).
    Most of these "small tools" are also application oriented, i.e. specific for a deployed application.

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    Where can I find those tools? Any URLs you would recommend? When I dump the stuff into the deploy folder, I see that JBoss validates it. But since the editor doesn't have feature like that, we would have to go through many steps to get it validate.