EJB design: Integration of a EJB application with a corba application

  1. I have a Element Management System which is a EJB application. If I have to integrate this application with any third party Network Management System which is a corba application , what changes will be needed on either applications.
  2. Hi,

    Although I dont have working experience of CORBA applications, my EJB application experience tells me that at the most u'll need some adapter classes to be written, none of ur EJB or CORBA application need to be changed.

    Most of the EJB server that supports EJB version 1.1 specification, use IIOP as communication protocol, which means that EJB server can talk to CORBA ORB, without EJB knowing about that.

  3. In which direction does the communication have to flow? If your CORBA app has got to access the EJB app, you would create IDL from your EJB remote interface and then generate the appropriate stubs for you CORBA client. If it's the other way round, you simply create a Java binding for your CORBA servers IDL interfaces and call them.