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    Hello, Here is the problem I am facing and need to architect a solution. As for any given problem I have the management breathing down my neck to have it built with minimum time and resources. But I fear that will only make it "not extend able" I have a b2b situation and multiple manufacturers (3 for now and more to be added) I need to send orders (something like at the end of the day). Each one of the takes XML documents for orders (2 of them have the same Schema but one has different). So i need to take these orders and convert them to XML documents, send them in the way they want (2 by attachments to emails... as odd as it sounds and 1 as a ftp upload). Initial thoughts were have to have a standalone server with orders getting absorbed as a SOA call, compile the information at the end of the day in a timer task and produce XML documents and send it to corresponding manufacturers. Of course I want to maintain the history. Let the solution more extend able so that I can add more manufacturers with little configuration in future. Is this where ESB should be used (I never worked with ESB and am evaluating it). Thanks
  2. Sunder, You may want to use the Jt framework/components for your architecture: Web services Adapters (AXIS/REstful) XML components - XML manipulation AND XML/Bean conversion JavaMail Adapter DAO components (history) Jt is a design pattern framework for the rapid implementation of Java applications. Version 5.x will contain additional ESB capabilities/applications: http://freedom.lunarpages.com/Jt/Jt.htm This solution can be easily extended/configured to accommodate additional manufacturers. One properties file per host can be used for easy configuration. Regards,