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    Hi. I'm facing a problem here.I'm creating xml files from scratch using java code and now I want to build the xml schema of these files but I want to edit them myself as I want to be able to specify the type of elements and later on change data like adding new tags or changing their type or even removing them but I googled the web and didn't come to a solution, would you please help me in that.Thanks alot..
  2. Schemas are typically static by nature and it is not common to dynamically generate schemas. The XML files are dynamic, but they are validated against a static schema. This is the reason why you had problems finding an existing solution for generating a schema using Java API. You should consider changing the design of your application. Unless your application is not a schema designer, of course :) Java Development on Demand http://www.hitech.com.ua/en/ http://www.hata.com.ua/