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    JMS Adapter is a thin JMS implementation that makes use of an underlying JMS implementation. It can intercept send, receive, publish, subscribe and browses, and mediate messages. As a result, when an application thinks it is sending one message type, it may actually be sending another. Not finished yet, but proof of concept documentation and code may be found at http://www.nyangau.org/ I post here, as I suspect folks may be interested in strange/novel JMS implementations. Enjoy... {{{ Andy

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  2. Can you provide advantages of using over Spring Application Framework's JMSTemplate for example?
  3. JMS Adapter is intended to provide a way to change the messages spoken by existing applications (which may have not be written in-house) through configuration rather than coding. Its not providing a new API to develop against, nor is it preventing the use of higher level abstractions (such as templates) in the applications. {{{ Andy
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