Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: typo in faces-config to-view-id extension, but works fine?

  1. I just noticed a typo in one of our to-view-id specifications, but everything seems to work fine. The extension shouldn't be "xhthml". But everything works fine. I'm just curious if the extension even gets used. Or maybe there is an algorithm (try with extension, if not found, look for jsp, then xhtml, then html, etc.) Any ideas? creation_createnew creation.xhthml
  2. An extension is expected to be used at runtime, not at deployment time. An extension can be anything. The system won't even be able to tell an extension from a dot within a name because from it's point of view it's just a part of the name. What you need to check is it it works when actually deployed. Java Development on Demand http://www.hitech.com.ua/en/ http://www.hata.com.ua/