EJB design: Window based GUI with EJB at middle tier

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    I was debating an issue recently for a product development with the EJB components at the middle tier but wanted to give a rich interface at the client.

    Does anyone have any idea whether a window based language can be used at the client to access the EJB components at the middle tier.

  2. You can very well use Swing to manage this situation. You can use the Swing based client to access EJB .
  3. You can use VB if necessary.

  4. How do you use VB? Do you mean we have to use some application server with COM/DCOM proxy for the EJB containers?

    Or do we have to use RMI/IIOP - COM socket bridge or something like that?

    Please be a bit more descriptive...

  5. There is a product called Jintegra which allows VB to access java objects (including EJBs).

    I don't know how it works, as I don't come from a VB background.

    Doing a search for Jintegra will bring up the WWW site, where an evaluation copy can be downloaded.

  6. Thanks Rick for the info...I'll sure check it out right now..

    rajeshranjan at consultant dot com