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  1. need help to display xml as string on UI (2 messages)

    Can someone suggest me a solution for this requirement:

    I'am using JSF framework for my webapp.

    I'am displaying a list on UI using dataTable. Now when I click on any of the rows, I have to open a separate browser window and display a large string corresponding to that record. Now this string is nothing but a complete XML document. The entire XML doc is stored as a string in the database.

    The user wants to view this string in a readable format when it pops up in the new window. It should open in the same way a browser opens a XML document. But the problem is I have it in the string format.


  2. I think you have to set the "Content-Type" to "application/xml".


  3. create a servlet that loads string from DB and set an appropriate content-type (application/xml for example)


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