News: Tumbler, a new Behaviour-Driven Development library released


    Tumbler is a BDD/coding-by-example library which will lead the way you think about and structure your code, as well as help you remember what should be implemented. It supports you in the 'think' phase if you do TDD (or rather BDD), can help your discussions with business people (they like examples) and additionally you'll be able to show your customer always up-to-date reports of what has already been implemented (and whether it works or not), and what's still pending.

    A new version of Tumbler (0.2) has just been released, containing HTML reports and possibility to create custom reports.


  2. Looks interesting. But. Desperately needs an Eclipse plug-in to generate the test cases

  3. Eclipse plugin...[ Go to top ]

    ...is on the way ;-)  Together with stronger maven support and hudson plugin to see reports there.