News: Getting Started with the Google Guice Inversion of Control (IoC) Container

  1. We've been doing a little series on IoC and Spring3, and thought it might be nice to do the same set of tutorials with Google Guice, just to make it easy to do some comparisons. These two tutorials simply introduce you to Google Guice, demonstrate how to configure the environment, and step you through the simplest IoC example you've ever seen.

    Tutorial 1: Getting Started with Google Guice: Environment Setup and Configuration

    Tutorial 2: The Simplest IoC Example You've Ever Seen, with Google Guice

    These tutorials can also be viewed as CBT Videos:

    Tutorial 1 as a Video CBT 

    Tutorail 2 as a Video CBT

    Watch the Corresponding Tutorials on Environment Configuration and IoC with Spring 3.

    Setting up a Simple Spring 3 Development and Testing Environment: A Tutorial
    A Simple Example of Spring 3 IoC: With and Without XML

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    I love how you use an unregistered version of WinZip and then say you'll hope we'll take out our wallets and buy Eclipse or NetBeans - HAHAHA.  I only hope you weren't being serious but it was really hard to tell, but then you were writing Java code using notepad which really made me unsure....