News: Embracing the Android awesomeness: A quick overview

  1. "Almost three years have passed since Google launched the Android OS, aiming to conquer the cut-throating mobile world, after having succeeded in the internet world. Android is an operating system for mobile devices that includes middleware and key applications. However, its use is not limited to smartphones, but it can also be found Tablet Computers, E-Reader Devices, even netbooks. There is Linux under the hood after all."

    Android is the new kid in the block for mobile platforms. Get a first taste of it, reading this short overview.

    JavaCodeGeeks: Embracing the Android awesomeness: A quick overview

    Edited by: Cameron McKenzie on Jun 14, 2010 12:16 AM
  2. This is a good development that is happenning around the streets of mobile... with the lifting of hands on maintaining JavaME...There is hope from the Google Home on Android side...

    Also there is a good stiff competition from proprietary frameworks from Apple, PALM and Microsoft.

    Do not underestimate PALM as it is looking great...


  3. PALM? lol