News: For the Eclipse Community, Nothing Outshines Tomcat

  1. The 2010 edition of the annual Eclipse IDE community survey, in which Eclipse users answer questions about their development tools and environment, was released this month.  

    View the 2010 Eclipse IDE Community Survey

    The survey found that Apache Tomcat remained the most widely used application server among Eclipse developers for another year, with a total share of 33.8%.  Eclipse provides an extensive FAQ for developers interested in using Tomcat with Eclipse, and MuleSoft recently published an illustrated Tomcat Eclipse integration quick start guide.

    Oracle's WebLogic was a close second, at 30.8%, while JBoss and IBM Websphere trailed at third and fourth place, respectively.

    Other highlights from the survey statistics:

    • Spring and EJB are now virtually tied for adoption
    • MySQL use is up
    • Developers are migrating from Windows to Ubuntu

    For more, see Infoworld's analysis of the survey results.

  2. Oracle's WebLogic was a close second, at 30.8%, while JBoss and IBM Websphere trailed at third and fourth place, respectively.


    Not really.

    Take a closer look at the report and you'll see that the second position goes to "none - I don't use an application server". JBoss is third, and Oracle is only seventh...


  3. Is it suprise?[ Go to top ]

    Tomcat is available and almost all people can get access through download or through some magazine cds...so people use it to deploy their sample application while learning on that...Almost all the eclipse users who are in the learning can get access to the tomcat very easily...

    Tomcat is designed for developers community and learners population... But it has to move out from that place in the direction where erstwhile windows IIS server ruled the websites\web application...It has become standard for deploying all web application especially those used by company websites with little dynamic functionality...


    So that is where its roadway should be....Hope it satisifes these things very soon...Also I feel that there is a scope for it to improve to provide some innnovation debugging ways...I am referring to the way firebug enhanced firefox....In the same way Tomcat should either lookout to provide some plugin framework....

    So my end line would be Tomcat to provide Plugin Framework... destination for all light weight choices....


    Naveen Gayar

  4. IDEA users love tomcat too[ Go to top ]

    Being an Eclipse user is not a precondition to love the little rascal. I think the IDEA integration with tomcat is one of the best around. It is pleasure to use tomcat in DEV integrated with IDEA, or in production.