News: Java development 2.0: Sharding with Hibernate Shards

  1. Among various sharding implementations, Hibernate Shards is possibly the most popular in the world of Java technology. For some shops, sharding means being able to keep a trusted RDBMS in place without sacrificing data scalability or system performance. In this installment of the Java development 2.0 series, find out when sharding works, and when it doesn't, and then get your hands busy sharding a simple application capable of handling terabytes of data.

  2. Isn't Hibernate Shards Dormant?[ Go to top ]

    Hibernate Shards has been at 3.0.0 Beta 2 for the last 3 years.  Is this project dormant?  Is anyone using Shards for really large database tables, say 200 million+ rows?