News: Web 2.0 Security, The Ajax Proxy & IBM WebSphere Portal 7

  1. Working with the latest and greatest technologies is a blessing as much as it is a burden. Recently I was asked to find a solution for a securing Web 2.0 requests to a remote .NET Rest-based service. The goal was to pass an authenticated user's information to the back end .NET Rest service, but the solution had to apply to any backend REST-based service. The problem request was concise, and the goal was clear, now I just had to plot the journey.

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  2. This is a very good aticle on how to use the ajax proxy in Websphere 7 securely

  3. Applies to Version 6.1 as Well![ Go to top ]

    Indeed. There's now a whole heck of alot of information on this particular topic, but it's important if you're doing any real and heavy work with WebSphere Portal. Sal's had a great deal of experience doing this in WebSphere Portal Server 6.1, and it's great to get the early insight into WebSphere Portal 7 as well.

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