News: Scaffolding for Java Web Applications is now possible with the Telosys Tools

  1. When you have to provide a simple interface to manage data in a relational database, a very efficient solution is to use the Telosys Tools scaffolding feature.

    It provides a fast and convenient way to generate « CRUD screens », ready to use.
    The screens components ( Java classes, JSP and JavaScript files ) are like handmade files, they are easy to read and modify.

    The code-generation is based on Velocity templates, so you can modify existing templates and create new ones.

    The generated files are based on the Telosys Framework ( a full-stack framework designed to build easily AJAX web applications )

    It takes about 1 hour to generate all the screens (one screen for each entity table).

    The process can be described as follow :
    1)    Install the Telosys Tools Eclipse plugin
    2)    Create a Dynamic Web Project and import Telosys StarterKit
    3)    Generate the lightweight repository from the database meta-data
    4)    Use the “bulk generation” to generate all the screens

    For more information let’s have a look to the web site : http://www.telosys.org
    And download the “StarterKit guide”.

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  2. Telosys starter kit[ Go to top ]

    If you have few minutes to discover the principles of the code generation,
    let's have a look at the Starter Kit Guide : download the guide


    The right link for the web site is : http://www.telosys.org

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    Wondering what and how it has advantage over grails scaffolding and it dsl based crud avialble.