News: Ten Ideas for Making Sys Admins Lives Easier

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    It's Christmas Eve, so what better time for a mind-friendly "Top Ten List?"

    Eluting from a 2009 Computer-Human Interaction for Management of Information Technology panel discussion, Thomas A. Limoncelli seems to have finally got the time to summarize the more important ideas that came out of the discussion.

    Perhaps a more apt title would include a reference to 'advanced system admins,' as some of the tips include "Have a Silent Install" and "DON'T make the administrative interface a GUI", which tends to irk the college graduates who not only want a graphical user interface, but also one that interacts with a touch screen.

    A Plea to Software Vendors from Sysadmins - 10 Do's and Don'ts

  2. I hate lists, but this one is actually very good. I concur.