News: dynaTrace AJAX Edition 3.0 released – Next Generation Browser Diagnostics

  1. With its latest release, dynaTrace updates its Product Suite for Deep Dive, Automated Cross-Browser Web Performance Optimization with two products:

    • dynaTrace AJAX Edition 3.0 is the free standalone tool that has been downloaded by 30k+ users so far supporting both Firefox (3.6, 4.0) and Internet Explorer (6, 7 &
    • dynaTrace Development Team Edition is the Premium Upgrade and provides extended automation, end-to-end performance and automated regression analysis for modern Web 2.0 Applications

    In this first part of the series I focus on the capabilities that support web developers and testers on their local workstation when analyzing performance or problems in Internet Explorer and Firefox. A second part covers the benefits of the Premium Upgrade for Agile Development Teams when automating performance and regression analysis.

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  2. HtmlUnit support?[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations to the dynaTrace team on 3.0 shipping.

    Will DAE support tracing Ajax apps running in HtmlUnit?


  3. HtmlUnit support?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Frank

    DAE30 currently supports IE and FF - but - we are definitely looking in extending our support for other browsers and frameworks.