Industry news: Grails Now Integrates with Multiple Mobile, Web & Desktop Clients

  1. Midnight Coders announced support for Grails with version 4.1 of WebORB for Java. The documentation for the Grails integration is now ready, which includes a tutorial for a basic remoting application and a screencast showing Grails integration with a Flex application. Now as you may already know, Flex can run as an AIR application on the desktop and on several mobile devices, which makes it very easy to connect a Grails application to multiple client types. 

    Here is a link to the new documentation, examples and screencast: 


  2. has anyone tested it?[ Go to top ]


    I installed the plugin and tried their tutorial, but the Ajax Client code it generates always fails to connect to the server. I have brought that up to them several times, but so far they have not resolved it. Has anyone had the same experience?