Industry news: The top 97 things every programmer or architect should know

  1. I recently finished 97 Things every programmer should know. Well to be completely honest I did skim over a couple of the 97, but all and all this was a very nice compilation of thoughts and topics about software development from very experienced authors. Well worth a read.

    A couple of the "97 Things" discussed, stood out more than the others, the following would be the ones I rank as my top 9.

    Furthermore I did the same for the 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know. Initially I thought there may be some overlap between the 2, but they have done very well to focus each book on the targeted readers. I did however feel that quite a few of this "97 Things" were very similar in the principle they were trying to explain and so I grouped them under the relevant principle.

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    #1 on the list is how to spell.

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    I am terribly sorry about this, when I show the typo it was to late (I already had submitted the post) I was hoping that TSS editorial team would correct my mistake but they didn't!

    Nevertheless the actual title is of course the following ...

    The top 9+7 things every programmer or architect should know

    I hope that you will not misjudge the specific article based on a little typo!

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    #1:  Any printed media is immediately outdated.