EJB programming & troubleshooting: Transaction across heterogeneous Application Servers?

  1. Has anyone successfully hooked up a transaction started in one app server (e.g. WebLogic) with another transaction in a different app server (e.g. WebSphere)? Or is it impossible right now?

    Lawrence Wong
  2. It may be possible but I've only seen 2PC demonstrated so far using WAS. It does support 2PC across JTA enabled JDBC drivers, the OTS CICS gateway, Component Broker and MQ 5.2 also (with 3.5.3).

    WL 6.x is supposed to support this also but I don't know what exactly it supports.

    I've never seen OTS demonstrated between two J2EE servers (besides WAS and CB) although several claim to support it, IBM, Iona, Inprise, Sybase, not sure about BEA.
  3. BEA WebLogic Server 6.0 supports 2PC across JTA enabled JDBC drivers, XA compliant resources, and Tuxedo transactional gateways.

    WebLogic will have transactional gateway support for propagating transactions in the future.