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  1. Play! Framework Pros and Cons from the Users (4 messages)

    Toomas Römer is the LiveRebel product lead, and as LiveRebel is built on Play! he and his team have been playing around with it for a while. Now they want to share the experience with the rest of you. The reasons to choose Play! are:

    1. Jobs – get stuff done in the background
    2. Templating – intuitive and productive
    3. URL mappings and redirects – so easy that it is scary
    4. Testing – halfway enforced for better adoption
    5. Quick turnaround – happier and productive devs

    The reasons against choosing Play! are:

    1. Application Startup Time Grows with Application Size
    2. Reloading Library Code Doesn't Work
    3. It's a Memory Hog
    4. Upgrades Break Everything
    5. Death by a Thousand Papercuts

    Read up the full scoop in the two posts:

  2. Haha, people still post stuff on TSS?

  3. Haha, people still post stuff on TSS?


    if not, where do people post stuff nowsaday (I honestly want to know to go there and read)?

  4. infoq / dzone

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