News: How to get 'ramped up' with Hudson and continuous integration skills

  1. In part two of our interview with Manfred Moser, we gain insights into upcoming features, the advantages of using CI servers, and how to get started with continuous integration.

    Simplified Continuous Integration: An interview with Manfred Moser, part II

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    Good interview Q&A article. We use Hudson to do nightly builds of TestMaker. I've been wondering how Hudson and Jenkins are going after the split. I'm not sure why there needs to be 2 projects?

    If you'd like to see how our open source community is using CI to do automated tests of Selenium, Sahi, soapUI, and jUnit tests see a quick video I put together at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85OGzOYZOgY



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    We followed the founder and moved to Jenkins.

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    Here's a view of the commits since the project fork.


    Jenkins argument to go with them


    We went with Jenkins and the original developers too.