News: Jenkins Enterprise? I thought Jenkins already was 'Enterprise'

  1. The latest PassS support offering from Cloudbees, which promises to provide 24x7 'Global Technical Support' and all of the other bells and whistles that goes along with a standard support contract, sadly glosses over what real enterprise developers are interested in: the tools that can make a Jenkins infrastructure manageable.

    Scrapped off their website, here's just a handful of the various plugins that are intended to make the life of the Jenkins administrator easier. If Cloudbees is interested in garnering the attention of the Java development community, it's these little nuggets of gold that they should be promoting:


    Large Install Plugins
    This group of plugins helps administrators manage large numbers of jobs, projects and teams. The plugins that help with large installation problems are:

    • Folders Plugin
      Folders help to create hierarchies or custom taxonomies to better manage large numbers of jobs
    • Templates Plugin
      Capture “sameness” of configuration information in one place that is propogated
    • Backup Scheduling Plugin
      Use Jenkins to backup Jenkins. No more cron jobs or error-prone custom scripts

    Security Plugins
    Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees helps administrators secure their projects and/or installations with the following plugins:

    Optimized Utilization Plugins
    Jenkins administrators can make better use of existing resources, greatly improving build times and reducing costs, with these plugins:


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  2. Hudson? ;-)[ Go to top ]

    I thought Jenkins already was 'Enterprise'

    Maybe you were thinking Hudson? ;-)


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle

  3. Hudson?[ Go to top ]

    Oracle sales budget plummeted and they're down to employees posting links now :-)

  4. Hudson?[ Go to top ]

    Neil -

    Oracle sales budget plummeted and they're down to employees posting links now :-)

    Maybe we used up all of our marketing budget on those airport signs?


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle