News: Not to worry - no Oracle training required for the new Java 7 OCPJP/OCAJP Programmer Designation

  1. When Oracle announced that their architect designation would require an expensive Oracle training course before being bestowed, fear spread that the associate and Java 7 programmer designations would require the same. But the fear has been allayed. The official word from Oracle is that no training course will be required to get the Oracle equivalent of the SCJP designation.

    “Training is highly recommended, however candidates pursuing the OCA and OCP Java SE 7 Programmer certifications are not required to complete training. Oracle University training is one of the best ways to help prepare for the certification exam and will contribute to your success as a Java Programmer.” - Java 7 Certification FAQ

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    No Training Requirement for Java 7 OCPJP and OCAJP Certification

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  2. Thanks for clarification Cameron. Many people asked me this question and they were prepared to give up on the whole thing.