EJB programming & troubleshooting: security error in weblogic 5.1 in Solaris 8

  1. security error in weblogic 5.1 in Solaris 8 (2 messages)

    Hi Guys,
        I installed weblogic in solaris . I installed it in the
    /usr/bin/weblogic directory and I gave the path in .profile
    file. Now when i am starting the weblogic from command prompt like this,
                $ sh startWebLogic.sh
    it is showing an security error messasage and then it shows that the server cannot start. what is the reason..please help me out!!
  2. Hi Rahul,

    I have installed by weblogic in /opt/weblogic.
    SO when i want to start my server i give commans like this

    $ ./startWebLogic.sh

    Try this..may be it helps u

  3. Hi Rinku ,
       I changed the path and some options in weblogic.policy file and weblogic.properties file and everything is working fine in /usr/bin/weblogic. Anyway thanks for your reply.