News: Developer Productivity Report 2012: Java Tools, Tech, Devs and Data

  1. In ZeroTurnaround's annual report on Developers, Productivity and Java, over 1100 Java developers shared their take on “the developer life”.


    Want to know how much uptake Java SE 7 has seen since its release? Which IDE has grown most in user base since last year? Which application server has jumped 300% in popularity by Java developers since 2011? You’ll also get the latest numbers on Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Eclipse, JBoss, Jenkins/Hudson, Maven, Subversion and Tomcat. It’s all in there!

  2. Was great to see what changes have taken place with Oracle Weblogic, Jetty, NetBeans, Clojure, Scala and others. Definitely good to download and show to colleagues/bosses. 

  3. It is interesting to compare this and the last years report, to see if anything has changed:
    It would have been really interesting if Spring or Hibernate would have a had any real competition.