EJB programming & troubleshooting: problem creating jar file using deployer tool

  1. problem creating jar file using deployer tool (1 messages)

    while adding file to the jar created by deployer tool in weblogic5.1, I am getting this error....

    weblogic.utils.AssertionError: ***** ASSERTION FAILED *****[ File root of D:/Temperature is not a prefix for file d:/Temperature/TemperatureHome.class ]

    only one file gets added in the jar file, thereafter it gives above message in the consol panel. It seems to related with related path. Please help?
  2. Try to create JAR file from command line using the following command:
     jar -cvf filename.jar META-INF/*.xml com/ajay/*.class

    where filename.jar is the name of the jar file and com/ajay/ is the directory where your class files are located and META-INF/ is the directory where you xml files are located.