News: Brokat app. server benchmark serves up 70,000 concurrent users

  1. Brokat today announced the performance test of Brokat's Enterprise Server 4.5 (based on Gemstone/J). The benchmarking test was on a Sun/Solaris Enterprise 10000 server. The test scenario applied 64 parallel processors serving 70,000 simulated users. The test had Brokats app. server performing more than 100 transactions per second and processor unit.

    I am not surprised by the results of this test. It would likely be difficult to replicate these results with other J2EE app. servers, since only Brokat/Gemstone supports dynamic creation/destruction of Java virtual machines (they call it extreme clustering). This means that a single instance of the Brokat App. Server can scale up to take full advantage of a powerful box like the Sun E10000.

    Single VM app. servers like Websphere and Weblogic would require manually setting up of a fixed cluster of separate app. server instances inorder to make use of the massive power of a Sun E10k (since the scalability of one VM is limited).

    Press Release:
    SAN JOSE, Calif., May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Brokat Technologies (Nasdaq: BROA; Neuer Markt: BRJ), a global leader in software that enables user-centric business, today announced the evaluation of Sun Microsystems' performance test of Brokat's Enterprise Server 4.5. The benchmarking test was performed in March on the Sun(TM) Enterprise 10000 server running the Solaris(TM) Operating Environment.

    The test scenario applied 64 parallel processors serving 70,000 simulated users. The test results revealed the high performance of the system, which is capable of performing more than 100 transactions per second and processor unit. The application server Brokat Enterprise Server 4.5 is the underlying platform for the development and delivery of Brokat's multi-channel solutions such as Mobile Payment or Brokerage that support access via a multitude of delivery channels and networks, including mobile phones and PDAs.

    For the test, the Sun Enterprise 10000 server was equipped with 64 CPUs and 64 GB memory. ``The volume of 100 transactions per second and processor unit on a fully equipped system provides clear evidence of the enormous scalability of Brokat's Enterprise Server. It can cope with the highest system requirements,'' said Michael Schroeder, manager product marketing at Sun Microsystems.

    For the initial test, Brokat offered an m-commerce application that enables customers to perform banking services via mobile end devices. The data flow corresponded to real-world requirements of customers requesting their account balance, performing money transfers and receiving transaction confirmations.

    ``Brokat Server Technologies provide a well-tested multi-channel infrastructure for companies to give their customers secure and personalized services via all electronic delivery and service channels,'' said Dr. Stephan Kruppa, Chief Technology Officer at Brokat.

    Brokat Enterprise Server 4.5 supports industry standards such as EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), CORBA/Java, and XML (Extended Markup Language). The server provides the utmost scalability for the secure implementation of electronic services for millions of users. The benchmarked product is available for evaluation and downloading at http://www.brokat-shop.com .

    About Brokat

    Brokat Technologies is a global leader in software that enables user-centric business. Brokat's product families -- multi-channel infrastructure software, rules management and personalization technology, mobile payment software, and e-finance applications -- are used by over 3,500 enterprises worldwide including ABN Amro, Allianz, Axa Insurance, Bank of America, Blue Martini Software, Charter One, DaimlerChrysler, DBS Bank, IBM Corporation, LBBW, MasterCard International, Nationwide Insurance, NCR, SE-Banken, Sun Microsystems, Swiss Post Office, T-Motion (a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom), Toyota, and Workscape. Select global partners include Blue Martini, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Intel, IBM, Siemens, and Sun Microsystems. With dual headquarters in San Jose, California and Stuttgart, Germany, Brokat employs over 1,400 people in 17 countries. Information on Brokat and its products is available at www.brokat.com.
  2. As i know,Brokat's Enterprise Server 4.5 is not based
    on Gemstone/J,actually based on Twister a flagship product of Brokat.
  3. From looking at Brokats eClustering whitepaper. WebSphere has a similar clustering philosophy at a high level.

    WebSphere does multi-VM per box clustering also. You can configure an application to run on say 4 VMs running on a single box. You can do this for servlet engines and ejb servers. It handles fail-over and load balancing in a similar manner.

    What it doesn't have is the shared object cache, a cool feature.