Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: How to upload a file from Applet client to server

  1. hello
       can anyone help me out how to upload a file (When Applet is a Client )of any type to any application server by using java ????????
    if u have please mail me in duttagoutam at hotmail dot com
  2.  firstly u should know that an applet can't touch the local hard disk.so uploading a file using unsigned applet will throw security exceptions.
     anyway if the applet is signed then it might be possible.but without proper signature it is impossible to upload a file from applet client to server.
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    hi gautham,

        I think we are doing the same sort of project..
    Applet-servlet communication.
        even i want to know how to handle session tracking..
     hope u have done it can u pass it to me..
     and also how to send file from applet to server
     and how to read the response from server in applet.

    Thanks in advance..
    waiting for ur reply..