News: Spring Tools Suite 3.0.0 - 100% open sourced at GitHub, streamlined distributions and componentized projects

    • Read the release announcement on Martin Lippert's Blog. 
    • 100% Open Sourced – All STS features that were previously under a free commercial license, have been donated under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) at GitHub! 
    • Intelligent Repackaging -  Repackaging the product itself makes identifying what tools you need, and getting started with them much easier.   In the past, Groovy/Grails developers had to install several extensions manually into Eclipse  to get started.  Now there are two full eclipse distributions, one targeted at Spring developers, the other at Groovy/Grails developers – just download, install and go, no assembly required.
    • Componentized projects:  Componentizing allows installation and configuration flexibility – developers can install components individually into their existing, plain  Eclipse Java EE installations if they wish, preserving their hard work of configuring their Eclipse IDEs just the way they like them.

    Downloads, more information and FAQ

    You can find the downloads as well as more information on the project websites for the toolsuites:

    Feedback and discussions

    If you have feedback or questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us via our SpringSource Tool Suite forum. Bugs and feature requests are always welcome as tickets in our JIRA or, even better, as pull requests on GitHub.


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    Wish there were a comparison between STS 3.0.0 and Spring-related plugins in Idea 12.

  2. Also --  GGTS (Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.0.0) was released at the same time.

    Martin's new and noteworthy is located here: