EJB programming & troubleshooting: can any boby help me build deployable jar file in weblogic 5.1.

  1. I am getting the following error message.

    [checking class CabinPS]
    [wrote E:\newejb\chap1\bean\ejbcgen\CabinPS.class]
    E:\newejb\chap1\bean\ejbcgen\CabinBeanEOImpl.java:56: Incompatible type for =. Can't convert int to CabinPK.
    pk = bean.id;
    1 error
    [done in 3385 ms]
    Exec failed .. exiting

    Steps I followed
    1)jar -cvf cabin2.jar *.class META-INF/*.xml
    2)java weblogic.ejbc -verbose -compiler javac cabin2.jar deployablecabin.jar

  2. Hi suresh..

    It's not the prob with the Deploable jar files..It's type casting with ur primary key class.Check once again whether it's properly casted or not..
  3. This problem is caused by you specifying a Primary
    key class AND a data field for the PK. In the deployer
    tool, when you enter the PK the type should be NONE
    unless you are using a java.lang.string etc. for your

    I'm not sure of the XML tag that you need to remove,
    I use the deployer tool for that.