News: Browser-based or native? Five reasons to choose native mobile application development

  1. You'd expect someone that created a JavaScript library designed to facilitate a rich, web based,  user experience would be biased towards HTML5 based mobile development, but Nate Cavanaugh, Liferay's Director of UI Engineering and one of the creators of the powerful JavaScript library, AlloyUI, isn't afraid of recommending a native approach to mobile. But when should you go mobile, and when should you stick with a browser-based approach? Nate provides five points to ponder when choosing a mobile development strategy.

    Five reasons why you should do native mobile development

    The quick summary? Here's the five points:

    1. User experience
    2. Hardware access
    3. Performance
    4. Frequent users
    5. Common user tasks

    But that's just the summary. Find out more by reading the full article:

    Five reasons why you should do native mobile development




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