EJB programming & troubleshooting: Tips on debugging with Weblogic.

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    Discussion for debugging with Weblogic. I've used Kawa and WebGain Visual Cafe 4 with success. Print logging can be much faster sometimes...

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    You used the Kawa debugger in a WL application? Cool! How was that? Did it have special support for WL or did you just treat WL as a regular java application?

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    Steps for setting up Kawa 4.0 to debug Weblogic:
    My patch level is a little old but this works.

    On the Project classpath panel add:
    c:\weblogic\lib\weblogic451sp7boot.jar ( weblogic patch )

    On the project's interpeter panel:
    Basic Tab
    check Debug
    check Java class to run
    check Execute in program directory

    Advanced Tab
    check Property Values ( leave out the -D for each property )
    weblogic.class.path=.\license;.\lib\weblogic451sp7.jar;.\classes;.\myserver\serverclasses;.\lib\weblogicaux.jar;e:\Oracle\ora81jdbc\lib\classes12.zip;{your classes} {space} java.security.manager java.security.policy==weblogic.policy {any other weblogic or app specific -D options }