News: Execution of Groovy scripts from Java - XmlSlurper and MarkupBuilder in mapping issues

  1. In our project we came across a really big problem related to mapping. Having two systems that initially were defined by the BA to be somehwat simillar we have chosen the simple XSLT (done through Altova Mapforce) of the input message to the output one.

    Afterwards it turned out that the functions required to perform a mapping are becoming enormous. An example of such a mapping is:

    From the input message take a list of Cars iterate over it and find a Car whose field “prodcutionDate” is the lowest and the attribute “make” is equal to “Honda” and as the output return the “saleDate”

    So in order to map it we decided to move to JBoss Drools. The decision tables were out of question since the logic was to complex and customized to be placed in the spreadsheet so we coded everything in the DRL files. Soon the rules got really big and some of our developers were forced to spend plenty of time on constant recreation of rules stated by the BA.

    To read more go to the Too Much Coding blog over here.

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    .. should be to get rid of the BA.
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    It's tempting but altogether they are useful ;)