EJB programming & troubleshooting: integrating crystal reports 8.0 with JRun 3.1 application server

  1. How can we implement crystal reports 8.0.5 with Jrun 3.0 Application server with IIS 4.0 as web server.

    We basically want to fire a request through web server to the crystal report for report generation.
  2. We did this with in an application primary concerend with ColdFusion and some JRun. We did not invoke it through JRun... since they donot provide an API for Java.... we had two options... JNI... dirty and a lot of work on out part... and ASP.... just write a generic ASP script that accepts the name of a rpt file... parameter list along with types... and displays th ereport.... this was sometime last year and we did it with Crystal 8, we did device a custom tag for ColdFusion.. i bet you could easily write one for JRun... for pointers on passing parameters to ColdFusion... look at the examples... i beleive they have a couple on em!